Despite the existing compulsory education in Indonesia, public support does not cover the demand for places to study. That’s one of the reasons why around 20% of the children cannot attend elementary school. For high schools, the numbers are even higher. In countries like Indonesia, a school place is not a duty, but rather a privilege.

Our partner school, the Bintang Timur School, accepts children who would be denied such a public school place. Here, students are getting prepared step by step for elementary school or attend the 1st-6th grade of elementary school.

In contrast to public schools, the private Bintang Timur School is financed by school fees. However, the school also accepts students from families who would not be able to afford the school fees. Through donations, volunteers, and especially through sponsorships, the costs can be compensated.

If you would like to improve the educational and future chances of a child, there is the possibility of a sponsorship. Through a sponsorship, you can enable a child with school education and thereby create perspectives.

«Every child has a right to education.»

«Every child has a right to education.»

Information about a sponsorship

1. The amount for a sponsorship is 20.00€ per month. The amount covers all school costs including school materials (such as books and uniforms) for one child per month and runs at least until the end of the respective school year. Our association does not withhold any money of your donation.

2. A separate application must be filled out for each sponsorship or for each child for which a sponsorship is taken over.

3. The duration of a sponsorship is unlimited and can be terminated at the end of the year by a written termination.

4. We focus on equality and equal opportunities, therefore we are against the personal selection of a sponsored child. A new sponsorship will be allocated to the child who has been on the waiting list the longest.

5. But don’t worry, children who receive financial aid will receive the SAME education as everyone else. While a child is waiting for a sponsorship, the Bintang Timur School will cover the costs.

Sponsorship procedure

Here you can find the sponsorship form

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Otherwise, we are also grateful for your help in other forms. Just have a look at our donation overview of the current topics.

Together we take a step against poverty.

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