Bintang Timur School

Bintang Timur School

Our current project is located in Indonesia on the island of Bali.

In the southeast of the island is the preschool and elementary school called “Bintang Timur School” (Rising East Star). There many pupils are prepared step by step for elementary school and are supported holistically. Due to a constant growth, the school is permanently changing and expanding in order to provide school education to as many students as possible, if necessary through sponsorships.

In Indonesia, school attendance is compulsory, but the state schools do not fully cover the capacities. The Bintang Timur School accepts children, regardless of their background or the financial status of the family, and provides them with a better quality of schooling through its comprehensive school concept with school projects, school trips and extra tuition.  This guarantees the children a school education and gives them the possibility of a better future. The elementary school is mainly supported by donations, sponsorships and voluntary work.

Through volunteer work, grants and donations, it has so far been possible to finance school materials, books and uniforms for the children. Only in this way do the children have the chance of a basic school education and a better future.

The address of the school:
Jalan Bisma No 8 Kampial, Nusa Dua, Bali 


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